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Klara is one of our future electronics technician.

Klara is currently in her second year as an apprentice and is training to become an electronics technician.

Klara, what does your workday at E+E Elektronik look like?

I usually start work around 8:00am. We share a car from Kefermarkt, which I think is great.

I get to my computer early and see what emails have arrived. Most of these will be tasks which I then carry out on my own. Not all of my duties arrive by email, however – very often colleagues will come up to me and ask whether I would have time to help them with various activities. I really appreciate these direct exchanges and the way internal communication is handled.

As the morning progresses, I will go to the lab to work on the tasks that have built up – soldering components, performing electrical tests, checking and testing prototypes, tracing faults and documenting my findings. I also look after the component database, making sure it’s always up to date.

What is special about your work for you personally?

In this company, all apprentices are posted to a series of departments during their training. I have to say that so far, I like it best right here in Development – the tasks are very wide-ranging, and I enjoy taking products apart and welding them again. In this way, I learn something new every day. I’m attracted to design and layout, also part of the Development division, as this allows me to combine my technical interests with my love of creativity in ideal fashion. I do the layouts for the traces of circuit boards, which I draw on a PC using digital software.

I’m already looking forward to my next assignment within the company. I think job rotation is great for giving you a good overview and getting to know your colleagues well. This is useful in everyday working situations because I know exactly where to take my questions to get help quickly.

What makes E+E Elektronik the right employer for you?

I really enjoy my job, I go to work with a smile every day. I find it rewarding to learn new things and then apply that knowledge in practical situations. Even as a trainee with E+E, you are part of day-to-day business activity, doing things for customers.

Once a week we attend joint learning units with Alex, the apprentice trainer. Here we connect the theory to the practice, and he goes through any questions we may have from vocational school. The apprentices are a cohesive group, and we all help each other. Mohammad showed me a lot of things in my first year of training, and now I am able to pass on knowledge to colleagues from my intake.

I definitely must emphasise the team spirit among my co-workers. I really feel at home here. The activities offered outside of hours also contribute to the positive working atmosphere, I think. Doing archery and solving puzzles together in ‘Hidden Games’, I saw another side to my colleagues. Getting together outside of work was a lot of fun.

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