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Enser Herbert

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Herbert works for us in the department of product concept and design.

Since 2023, Herbert has been responsible for the development of new industrial transmitters and sensors as well as the further development of existing products. His responsibilities include mechanical design, electronic circuit diagrams and metrological recording of physical variables in the areas of temperature, humidity and dew point.

Herbert is known as a fun-loving and enthusiastic colleague who enjoys working on solutions. His education took him from the HTL Leonding - Electronics, specializing in computer engineering, to the JKU, where he studied technical physics up to his diploma. He then continued his studies at the JKU and completed his doctorate in mechatronics.

Herbert, what does your typical working day at E+E look like?

My working day is very varied, diverse and the perfect mix of programming activities on the PC, contact with customers, setting up and converting test systems in the laboratory and working with colleagues from a wide range of disciplines.

What TOP skills do you need to do your job well?

In my job, it's important to have a broad all-round knowledge in addition to basic technical training. It's important to grasp a problem as a whole and sometimes find creative solutions. “Can't be done - doesn't exist” is the motto here. In discussions with colleagues and within the team, we always find a good way to further develop our products. 

Enser Herbert

What do you personally find special about your work?

My work is not only varied, but I also enjoy the freedom to develop concepts. In my job in development, I can come up with solutions to various problems and implement them. At the end of the day, it's nice to see when your own idea turns into a finished product.

What makes E+E the right employer for you?

I enjoy being able to work relatively freely and flexibly. I can shape my ideas into products within the framework of predefined goals and make full use of my technical knowledge. The working environment in the team with my colleagues is great and the infrastructure is ideal. I can charge my electric car directly in the company parking lot, which makes my daily commute from Linz much more environmentally friendly. I also think it's great that the development and production of our products are united at one location. This not only shortens distances, but also enables interdisciplinary collaboration with many colleagues and departments. This means that a new product can be accompanied from the prototype stage through to series production and improvements to existing products, that can be implemented quickly.

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