EE210 Outdoor

Humidity and Temperature Sensor for Outdoor and Meteorological Applications

EE210 Outdoor is optimized for outdoor and meteorological applications. In addition to precise measurement of relative humidity and temperature, the sensor calculates additional parameters such as dew point, frost point or specific enthalpy.

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With encapsulated measurement electronics inside the sensing probe and E+E proprietary coating protection of the humidity sensor element, the sensor can be used even in harsh environment.

The optional radiation shield HA010501 protects the sensor from solar radiation and precipitation. The natural ventilation ensures a short response time.

Typical Applications

  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture

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Key Features EE210 Outdoor

  • High accuracy
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Outstanding temperature compensation
  • Very robust sensing head
  • Proprietary sensor coating
  • Encapsulated measurement electronics
  • IP 65 enclosure
  • Optimum protection against pollution and condensation
  • Freely configurable analogue current or voltage outputs
  • 1 or 2 point adjustment possibility for humidity and temperature
  • Optional radiation shield for wall or mast mounting
  • Easy installation
  • Calculated physical quantities

Technical data EE210 Outdoor

  • 0...100 % RH

    Measuring range Humidity
  • -15...40 °C <90%RH ±(1.6+0.005*mv) %RH
    -15...40 °C >90 %RH ±3 %RH
    -40...60 °C ±(2.3+0.008*mv) %RH

    Accuracy Humidity
  • -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)

    Measuring range Temperature
  • ±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F) at 20°C

    Accuracy Temperature
  • 0-10 V or 4-20 mA

    Analogue outputs
  • 24 V AC/DC


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EE210 Outdoor FAQ

  • What is the difference between a 2 wire and a 3 wire current output?

    Transmitter with "two-wires" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carry on return wire (closed current loop). With technology "three-wires" the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and third carry the signal.

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