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The high quality E+E humidity sensors, modules, probes and transmitters are well proven in most industrial applications over several decades. All E+E humidity measuring devices are developed and manufactured in Austria, and feature E+E humidity sensors manufactured in state of the art thin film technology.

Product range

The E+E humidity product portfolio includes:

• Capacitive humidity sensors and digital humidity sensors. These are also employed in a comprehensive range of E+E humidity measurement devices.

• Humidity and temperature transmitters, probes and modules

• Wireless humidity sensors

• Humidity data loggers and handhelds

• Humidity generators and calibrators

• Humidity modules, probes and transmitters for OEM applications


Typical markets for the E+E humidity sensors and measuring devices:

• Process monitoring and control in most diverse industries

• HVAC and building automation

• Automotive, home appliances, consumer electronics

• Food and pharma, agriculture

• Building materials

• Meteorology