EE895 Sensing Module Is Used in StreamLine CO₂ and Air Quality Sensors

StreamLine CO₂ and air quality sensor.  (Image: StreamLine)

Dutch company StreamLine relies on the new EE895 sensing module by E+E Elektronik for its CO2 and air quality sensors. 

The StreamLine sensors measure the CO2 concentration and air quality indoors and remind occupants to ventilate when the air in the room is used up. To do so, the devices feature a multicoloured LED that shows green, yellow or red depending on the CO2 level. In addition, an audible warning signal is output when a predefined limit is reached. Due to their low power consumption, the StreamLine sensors will run for up to five years on two 3.6 V AA batteries. Thanks to smart sensing technology, the measuring devices have excellent measurement stability and do not require calibration in the meantime. 

During the corona pandemic in particular, continuous indoor air monitoring can help minimise the risk of infection in confined spaces. The reason for this is that coronaviruses can spread via aerosols. Since CO2, like aerosols, is exhaled with the air we breathe, the CO2 concentration can be used as an indicator of indoor air quality. The higher the share of fresh air, the lower the aerosol concentration and therefore also the risk of infection by airborne particles potentially carrying the virus.

The LoRa-enabled measuring devices can easily be integrated into a network via LoRaWAN*-compatible gateways (e.g., from Dutch telecommunications provider KPN). This means that measurement data can be collected centrally and an overall IoT solution for indoor air monitoring can be set up. The CO2 sensors are ideally suited for companies or public facilities such as schools and nursing homes to ensure demand-based ventilation management and a healthy indoor atmosphere. 

* Long Range Wide Area Network

EE895 Sensing Module

The EE895 sensing module by E+E Elektronik gives the StreamLine sensors high CO2 measurement accuracy and reliability. Thanks to integrated pressure and temperature compensation, altitude (barometric pressure) and temperature fluctuations do not influence the CO2 measurement. Additionally, the NDIR CO2 sensing module's auto-calibration feature ensures excellent long-term stability of the sensing module. 


"We are delighted to be able to make a significant contribution towards a healthy indoor atmosphere and combating the corona pandemic with our EE895 sensing module as a component of the StreamLine CO2 and air quality sensors," said Jürgen Chatt, Area Sales Manager EMEA at E+E Elektronik.


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    The EE895 CO₂ sensing module measures not only CO₂ concentration but also temperature and ambient pressure.
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    The EE895 sensing module gives the StreamLine sensors high CO₂ measurement accuracy. (Image: StreamLine)
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