EE895 Sensing Module – Breakout Board Available for Raspberry Pi

EE895 Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi (Image: pi3g)

The EE895 sensing module supports highly accurate measurement of the CO2 concentration, temperature and ambient pressure. A tailor-made solution is now available for everyone who wants to use the high-quality E+E sensing module in their Raspberry Pi project: the Raspberry Pi experts at pi3g have developed a breakout board that allows the sensing module to be plugged directly onto the popular single-board computer. Using the CO2 Sensor App in the web-based "PiCockpit" by pi3g, the current sensor data can be queried on any PC or smartphone.


Easily Pluggable and Extensible

The breakout board with the EE895 can be plugged in directly on Raspberry Pi Boards (1B - 4B, Zero series). It is also Raspberry Pi Pico compatible and can be plugged into a breadboard directly and without soldering with the pin header included.  

The EE895 breakout board is designed so that the sensing module is not located directly above the SoC, but is plugged in facing away from the Raspberry Pi. Unlike other solutions, this does not affect the temperature measurement.

The breakout board has two Grove-compatible connectors (I2C / 3.3 V) for connecting additional components, e.g., a display. It can therefore also be connected to other platforms such as Arduino or ESP32 boards.


The breakout board and sample code for testing the EE895 are available on the pi3g website.
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  • Open Link in LightboxEE895 Breakout Board for Raspberry Pi
    The EE895 breakout board can be plugged onto Raspberry Pi boards directly (Image: pi3g)
  • Open Link in LightboxEE895 breakout board on a breadboard with Raspberry Pi Pico
    Thanks to the included pin header, the breakout board can be plugged into a breadboard without soldering (Image: pi3g)

    1 Module – 3 Physical Quantities

    The EE895 sensing module measures three climate parameters simultaneously: CO2 concentration, temperature and ambient pressure. CO2 measurement is based on the NDIR (non-dispersive infrared technology) dual wavelength principle, which automatically compensates for aging effects and is also particularly resistant to contamination. Factory CO2 and temperature adjustment and integrated pressure and temperature compensation ensure particularly high CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire operating range.

    Open Link in LightboxEE895 sensing module for CO₂, temperature and pressure
    The EE895 sensing module measures the CO₂ content of the indoor air, the temperature and the barometric pressure

    Measuring range of the EE895 sensing module:

    • CO2: 0...5000 ppm

    • Pressure: 700...1100 mbar (10.15...15.95 psi)

    • Temperature: -40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)


    Potential applications:

    • Monitoring the CO2 concentration indoors
    • Automating ventilation systems

    Easy Access to the Measured Values via PiCockpit and the CO₂ Sensor App

    PiCockpit by pi3g is an easy-to-use web interface for controlling and monitoring up to 5 Raspberry Pis. PiCockpit offers practical apps for checking the Raspberry Pi's health, controlling GPIO pins, retrieving real-time information on the CPU load, SoC temperature and more. 

    The CO2 sensor app developed specifically for the EE895 breakout board supports easy access to the currently measured CO2, temperature and pressure readings from any PC or smartphone.

    Open Link in LightboxPiCockpit CO₂ Sensor App
    The Pi Cockpit's CO₂ Sensor App offers a clear-cut view of the EE895's measured values

    Video: PiCockpit Tour

    The video provides more details on the PiCockpit feature set.
    The CO2 sensor app is presented from 7:32 onwards.

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