Compact Humidity and Temperature Transmitter for HVAC and Building Technology

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The EE150 humidity and temperature transmitter has been optimised specifically for use in the HVAC and building automation and impresses with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

  • EE150 humidity and temperature sensor for duct mounting

  • EE150 humidity and temperature sensor for wall mounting

    The clever housing concept, the compact design and the Ø 6mm probe simplify istallation, which results in minimised installation costs.

    The IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure provides optimal protection of the electronics, while the capacitive E+E humidity sensor element stands for long-term stable measurement results.

    Typical Application

    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Building automation systems

    Key Features

    • Voltage or current analogue outputs
    • Optional passive T-output
    • IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure
    • ∅ 6mm stainless steel probe
    • Teflon protection cap
    • Resistant to pollution
    • Easy mounting
    • User configurable and scalable
    • Free configuration software

    Technical data

    Working range
    10...90% RH
    -5...55°C (23...131°F)
    ±3% RH (30...70% RH), otherwise ±5% RH
    Analog output
    0-10 V or 4-20 mA (2-wire)
    24 V AC/DC

    Calibrating your limits

    Your products and services can only be as precise as the tools you use to measure them. With more than 20 years of experience, the calibration team of E+E Elektronik focuses on providing a reliable service without any unnecessary delays or bias.

    Discover the value of working with an expert in calibration that prioritizes

    • accuracy,
    • fastness and
    • reliability

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    Planning Data


    Transmitter with "two-wire" technology receive the power from the process, and the signal is carried on return wire (closed current loop). With "three-wires" technology the power supply is separate from current output: 2 wires are the power supply and the third carries the signal.

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