Loxone and E+E Elektronik – Control Software and Sensors for Building Automation

Loxone Config is a professional software tool for centralised control of smart homes. This software by Austrian automation experts Loxone delivers pre-configured modules for all features used in the field of building automation – no matter whether this is a smart home, commercial property, or a special application.

Building Control with Loxone Config & App

The smart devices first need to be installed and configured using a PC with the Loxone Config Software. Using the corresponding app, a wide variety of automation solutions (from lighting and climate control to garden irrigation) can be operated simply and intuitively via smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Loxone Config & App (Image: Loxone)

Simple Integration of E+E Sensors

Loxone is continually enhancing its control software. From version 11, the Loxone Config software also includes Modbus templates for the following E+E sensors for measuring relative humidity, temperature, CO2, air velocity and differential pressure:

The benefits for the user: the E+E sensors can be selected and added to the control system with just a few clicks – without much configuration overhead or programming skills.

Video Tutorial: How to connect E+E Modbus devices at Loxone Config software

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Climate Sensors Ensure Optimum Indoor Atmosphere

The measured values determined by the E+E climate sensors form the basis for intelligent heating control, air conditioning and room ventilation. In this way, the E+E sensors ensure an optimal indoor atmosphere and energy-efficient climate control. 

In combination with the Loxone software, the E+E sensors enable demand-controlled air conditioning of the building and help to sustainably reduce energy costs.

E+E Sensors for Building Automation

E+E sensors for climate monitoring are characterised by their high accuracy and reliability. They enable exact measuring and monitoring of relative humidity, temperature, CO2 concentration or air velocity – not only in residential buildings, but also in commercial and industrial applications.

Explore all E+E sensors for building automation »

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Room sensors like the EE800 for CO₂, humidity and temperature can be easily integrated into a climate control system via Modbus RTU.
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